Top 10 Lists for Gardeners

Backyard gardening is a snap with these top 10 lists for gardeners! From foolproof plants to colorful flowers, we’re sharing our favorites to help you beautify your backyard.

Top 10 Bizarre, Unusual and Weird Plants

Ordinary garden basics these are not! Walk on the wild side with these unique-looking wacky and weird plants.

19 Pretty Flowers for a Cutting Garden

Do you have indoor bouquets in mind? Here are our top picks for cut garden flowers, including roses, dahlias, zinnias...

Top 10 Blooming Winter Flowers for Your Garden

A dusting of snow doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to your garden! Add color to your winter landscape...

Winter Interest Plants Add Color and Beauty to Your Yard

These bold winter interest plants are sure to provide a wonderland of color, form and beauty to your landscape.

10 Small Evergreen Shrubs to Grow for Year-Round Curb Appeal

Small evergreen shrubs make your yard look great in every season. Dwarf evergreens also provide benefits for birds and wildlife.

20 Pretty Winter Plants for Backyard Cheer

These trees, shrubs, grasses and even flowers shine bright in winter. Add height and texture to your yard with our...

20 Golden Plants to Make Your Garden Glow

Strike it rich with bright foliage that lights up a garden with our list of golden plants. Some of our...

Top 10 Bulbs to Plant in Fall That You Aren’t Growing Yet

Turn to this list for the best bulbs to plant in fall for carpets of color the following year.

Top 10 Types of Tulips to Plant in Your Garden

Plant these types of tulips in fall for an explosion of color when spring arrives. They'll look spectacular arranged in...

Plant Allium Flowers in Fall for Pretty Spring Blooms

Allium flowers are easy to plant in fall and enjoy in spring. Check out our tips for growing allium bulbs...

Top 10 Perennial Ornamental Grasses for Your Garden

Weave motion and texture into your garden beds with perennial grasses. Find the perfect ornamental grass pick for your...

Top 10 Year Round Flowers and Perennial Plants

Want a garden that’s beautiful all year long? It’s possible with these backyard gardening picks for year round flowers and...

Top 10 Fall Blooming Perennials for Your Garden

Welcome shorter days and longer nights with colorful blooming fall perennials that light up your late-season flower garden.

Top 10 Bold Burgundy Perennial Flowers

Like the finest of wines, these sultry garden stars are an intoxicating mix of drama and sophistication. Grow burgundy flowers...

Top 10 Flowering Perennials That Bloom All Summer

It can be tricky to find flowering perennials that bloom all through the season, but these picks are sure to...

Top 10 Small Shrubs for Small Spaces

Yes, you do have room for an extra shrub or two—all of our picks for the top 10 shrubs for...

Top 10 Full Sun Perennials That Thrive in Sunshine

These flowering full sun perennials are easy to grow and won't wilt under the summer sunshine. Plus, the hardworking plants...

Top 10 All-Time Shade Garden Ideas

Is your backyard starved for sunshine? Turn your outdoor space into an oasis with these tried-and-true shade garden ideas.

Top 10 Low Maintenance Perennials

These eye-catching, reliable plants keep on growing. Low maintenance perennials will save you money and add beauty to your backyard.

Top 10 Black Annual and Perennial Plants

'The new black' is just black when it comes to the garden. Check out some of our favorite black perennial...

Top 10 Best Tomatoes to Grow

Go beyond the ordinary in your tomato garden with our picks for the best tomatoes to grow (psst, these tomatoes...

Top 10 Summer Fruits and Vegetables to Grow

Serve fresh produce from your garden at every picnic and barbecue when you grow these top 10 summer fruits and...

Top 10 Shrubs for Shade Gardens

Don't let your shady yard stop you from having a lively landscape. Jazz up your yard with our list of...

Top 10 Salvias to Grow for Hummingbirds

Plant a variety of nectar-packed salvias for hummingbirds to visit. These tiny fliers will flock to the colorful and fragrant...

Top 10 Sunny Sunflower Varieties to Grow

Discover a whole new selection of these radiant seed-bearing blooms with our top picks of pretty sunflower varieties.

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10 of the Best Daffodil Bulbs to Plant

From classic to quirky, daffodils are a fail-safe way to cheer up any garden. Plant these daffodil bulbs in fall...

Top 10 Plants to Grow for a Cocktail, Mocktail or Tea Garden

Lavender, basil, mint and more add flavor to cocktails, mocktails, iced tea, hot tea and more, making them perfect for...

Top 10 Annuals That Attract Hummingbirds

These easy-to-grow annuals that attract hummingbirds are filled with the sweet nectar that pretty pollinators can’t resist.

10 Award-Winning Flowers That Hummingbirds Adore

Do hummingbirds like petunias or dianthus? Grow these award-winning flowers from All-America Selections to attract pollinators.

The Best New Garden Plants for 2022

Reawaken your garden with these stunning new garden plants. You'll want to plant all of these blooming beauties!

Top 10 Gorgeous Cottage Garden Plants to Grow

Add classic cottage garden plants, like coneflowers, speedwell and bee balm, to create an easy to care for and...