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Seed Starter Kits and Supplies to Jump-Start Your Garden

A seed starter kit is a great way to garden even when there's snow on the ground — check out our picks for kits and supplies.

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Tray of potted seedlings in plastic plant pots and trays with wooden labelsMartin Hambleton/Getty Images

Seed Starting Supplies

For gardeners, winter can feel like the longest (and least colorful!) season. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep your green thumb happy even when the ground is covered with snow. Whether you use a seed starter kit or plant your own seeds, there are many ways to start a garden indoors.

Check out these products that’ll help you get an indoor start on your spring growing.

Etsy Seed Start Gift BoxVia PottingShedCreations on

Cultivated Seed Starter Kit Gift Box

If you’re searching for a present for a gardener with a winter birthday, this seed start box is a perfect present. Zucchini, yellow pear tomato, brandywine tomato, market cucumber and five-alarm hot pepper seeds are all included, along with rice paper leak-proof growing bags, OMRI-listed soil and coconut husks for draining, planting, transplanting and harvest directions, hand-tied garden stakes and a sweet handwritten card. Given everything that’s in the box, it’s probably a good idea to get two: One for a friend, and one for you!

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These fairy garden kits will add a bit of magic to your garden.

08 Trueleafmarket Bbxjan20Courtesy True Leaf Market

Salad Seed Starter Kit

If you’re looking to grow your own dinner when spring and summer arrive, look no further than this super-simple seed starter kit from True Leaf Market. It has everything you need to start growing salad ingredients indoors; seeds (enough for multiple plantings), compressed soil pucks, a humidity dome and more. Also check out the best microgreens kits you can grow indoors.

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Spade To Fork Herb Garden KitVia Spade to Fork

Organic Culinary Herb Garden Kit

Start growing basil, sage, thyme, parsley and cilantro before spring’s first thaw with this super-convenient kit. Spade to Fork’s Organic Herb Garden Starter Kit comes with plenty beyond the seeds, too — it includes soil discs, instruction pamphlets, compostable peat pots and too-cute plant markers. Psst—gardeners will love these perfect gifts for plant lovers.

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zipped greenhouse, seed starting suppliesVia

4-Tier Zipped Greenhouse

Keeping seedlings at the proper temperature and dampness is essential to their growth, outside and inside. That’s where this nifty greenhouse comes in. With it, you can allow trays of seedlings to sprout in the comfort of your own home. You can also use this outdoors on your deck or balcony to harden off seedlings and young plants before moving them into your garden beds. Northern gardeners can store potted plants inside the zipped tent to extend the growing season. These indoor garden kits are great for every type of gardener.

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08 Eartheasy1 Bbxjan20Via

Gardener’s Seed-Saving Kit

This convenient kit makes it easy to get started on next year’s garden even before the first snow falls. With the helpful charts in this kit — which includes a seed-saving chart, among others — it’s easy to harvest, preserve and organize your favorite seeds. As a result, it’s simple, and fun, to get ahead on next year’s planting.

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Seed-Starting Heat Mat

Heat mats are necessary to ensure the soil for your seedlings is kept at the proper temperature for germination, and this heat mat from Burpee is an excellent choice for your indoor garden. It warms soil temperature 10 to 20 degrees above the ambient temperature, and even better yet, it’s water-resistant. No need to worry about spills! Check out these gardening subscription boxes if you like getting plants in the mail.

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coco fiber potsVia Merchant

Coco Fiber Pots

Go plastic-free this growing season with these biodegradable coconut fiber seed starting pots. Choose from a pack of 12, 24 or 36 pots in two different sizes. These small pots are the perfect size for starting flower or vegetable seeds.

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plant misterVia

Plant Watering Mister

Just as essential as keeping seedlings at the right temperature? Giving them the right amount of water. Doing that has never been easier with this glass plant watering mister. Also, it’s quite pretty, too: Choose from multiple colors.

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Espoma Seed StarterVia

Seed-Starting Potting Mix

When you’re trying to start seedlings indoors, your best bet for success is a mix formulated to help them grow strong roots. That’s where Espoma’s Seed Starting Mix comes in. Featuring ingredients like peat moss, peat humus and enhanced with Myco-tone, this mix is a perfect choice for your garden before it can start growing in springtime soil. Keep the indoor garden fun going with mushroom growing kits and logs.

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plant labelsVia

Bamboo Plant Tags

It’s important to label your seed pots so that you remember what you planted and know what’s sprouting! These bamboo plant tags are an attractive alternative to plastic that you can reuse for years.

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Burpee Seed Starter kit TrayVia

SuperSeed Seed-Starting Tray

Starting seedlings has never been easier than with Burpee’s SuperSeed tray. It features 36 flexible cells (so the plants aren’t stressed as they grow). And the tray is easy to clean and reuse in the next growing season. If you like it, it’s available in two other sizes. Got succulents? These adorable mini-planters suit any decorating style.

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Gardener's Supply Tool SetVia Gardener's Supply Company

Gardener’s Ultimate Seed Starting Tool Set

You’ll have all the tools you need to sow seedling success with this all-inclusive, exclusive set from Gardener’s Supply Company. It includes a seedling widger, a cell tray tamper, two cell tray trowels and a dribble.

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Burpee Seed Saving PotmakerVia

Seed-Starting PotMaker

Making pots for your seedlings has never been easier. With Burpee’s Seed-Starting PotMaker, it’s fun and simple to turn old newspaper (or as reviewers say, junk mail or wrapping paper) into biodegradable pots. Even better, the device is made from solid maple, so it’ll last for years.

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seed storage boxVia

Hand Carved Seed Storage Box

This wooden seed storage box from Terrain is so pretty, you’ll want to keep it on display year-round, not just during seed starting season. Even after planting, keep the packets handy to check on growing tips. It’s also a good way to remember your favorite varieties when it comes time to order from seed catalogs again.

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seed starting kitVia Merchant

Self Watering Seedling Starter

If you’re a forgetful gardener (aren’t we all, sometimes?), this helpful self watering seed starter will make sure your precious tomato seedlings don’t get thirsty. The water-wicking mat and reservoir will keep your new seedlings moist for up to 10 days. So you don’t need to worry about taking a quick spring break getaway.

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herb garden bundleVia Merchant

Herb Garden Bundle Kit

This adorable herb garden bundle from Urban Leaf is ideal for foodies and home cooks with limited outdoor garden space. Each box includes seed packets for 10 different varieties of kitchen herbs that you can use in recipes, coir pots, soil discs and an e-book with instructions. Just add water to activate the soil discs with water, then plant your seeds. You’ll be harvesting fresh herbs in just a few weeks!

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two tier garden light cartVia

Two-Tier Lighting Cart

Seedlings need bright, direct light to thrive—unfortunately your windowsill may not cut it. This two-tier lighting cart is compact enough to fit into a corner and will accommodate two large trays of baby plants. Discover butterfly flowers that are easy to grow from seed.

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