DIY Garden Projects

From cute containers to compost bins, these garden art projects and practical DIYs will enhance any backyard.

Cardboard Garden Project: Hanging Basket

Find a sturdy box and create a cardboard garden hanging basket planter. This recycled crafts project is attractive and eco-friendly!

5 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas From the Garden

If you love gardening, give a personal gift for friends and family. Make one or more of these creative DIY...

Fall Decorating: Fill a Pumpkin With Flowers

Jazz up your front porch with a pumpkin bouquet! Learn how to fill a pumpkin with flowers and make a...

How to Make a DIY Butterfly Puddler

Learn why butterflies are attracted to puddles, which ones you might see in soggy areas, and how to create a...

You’ll be Amazed by These Pinterest-Worthy Vertical Garden Ideas

Your passion for planting has nowhere to go but up when you reach the creative heights these vertical gardening ideas...

Clean Out Your Clutter with 28 Recycled Garden Ideas

Everyone loves a bargain, but gardeners are an especially resourceful bunch. Reuse odds and ends you already have around the...

Grow a Vertical Herb Garden in a Shoe Organizer

Running out of garden room? This space saving gardening project will have you growing a vertical herb garden in no...

Make Your Own Color-Changing Fireplace Pinecones

We love the look of color-changing fireplace pinecones. Learn where to buy them or follow this easy DIY method to...

How to Make a DIY Apron for Gardening

This DIY apron is a handmade gift from the heart that will bring joy to anyone who loves gardening. Here's...

Make a DIY Spiderweb Halloween Planter

Assemble this slightly spooky Halloween planter with a few inexpensive items from the dollar store. Then fill it with fall...

How to Recycle Pumpkins for Birds and Wildlife

Repurpose your leftover Halloween pumpkins to benefit backyard wildlife such as birds, butterflies, deer and more.

DIY Garden Project: How to Make Basil Salt

Do you love basil? Turn your favorite herb into a DIY gift from your vegetable garden. Learn to make basil...

How to Build a DIY Bug Hotel

Learn how to create a DIY bug hotel where your beneficial backyard insects can put all six feet up and...

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Annual and Perennial Butterfly Garden Designs

For a fun idea, plant flowers that attract butterflies in a butterfly-shaped garden bed! We’ve got two plans for butterfly...

Build a DIY Hummingbird Swing for Tiny Fliers to Perch On

Hummingbirds need perches along with feeders and nectar plants. Make a whimsical swing to attract more hummingbirds to visit your...

Turn a Birdbath Into a Planter for a Mini Fairy Garden

Transform an old birdbath into a tiny landscape using miniature plants and fairy garden decorations.

Make a DIY Potting Station from a Dresser

Perk up an old desk or dresser and turn it into a convenient backyard workspace.

Make a DIY Hanging Tire Planter

Put a fresh and colorful spin on a classic repurposed planter.

How to Make a Halloween Haystack

Scare up some Halloween fun on your porch with these silly and spooky straw-bale monsters. Make one or all three!

Adirondack Chair Planter Craft

Give a small plant a comfy resting place with this easy planter craft that starts with an Adirondack chair photo...

Upcycled Hummingbird Garden Sculpture

Use your imagination to create a bird sculpture out of an old light fixture.

Upcycled Tiki Torch Craft

Revamp an old lampshade and set your garden aglow with a curvy torch.

Easy-to-Make Ice Ornaments

Add extra sparkle to an outdoor tree with this kid-friendly craft.

DIY Bug Box Plastic Canvas Craft

Create a DIY bug box for collecting caterpillars or lady bugs with this plastic canvas craft project.

Watering Can Planter Project

Showcase a small plant inside or out with this DIY watering can planter project.

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DIY Lantern Moth Jars

These easy DIY lantern moth jars will light up your garden during long summer evenings.

Easy DIY Garden Kneeling Pad

This DIY garden kneeling pad is larger and easier on the knees than many sold in stores.

DIY Garden Wagon Seat

Transform the classic little red wagon into a charming seat. Whether you’re doing fall yard cleanup or spring planting, this...

DIY Miniature Pond

Create a calming oasis on your patio with an easy, mini pond. You don’t even need fancy pumps—just water.

Aquarium Mini Garden

If a traditional mini garden isn't exactly your style, go under the sea and create one in an aquarium instead!

DIY Bead Flowers Pot Stakes

Dress up your potted plants with DIY bead flowers on stakes. Choose beads and embellishments to match your style!